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Pitching Stats Spring 2019

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1Fayvian Suarez ('22) Scouting ProfileSAGE11003009.240410510.000.93
2Armando Sierra ('19) Scouting ProfileSAGE411050016.1702117200.001.41
3Matt Magrann ('19) Scouting ProfileCSC230141116.100725500.000.73
4Xerian Ximinies ('20) Scouting ProfileSOM100040012.200510600.000.87
5Jimmy Wieck ('20) Scouting ProfileWA00015008.000216720.001.13
6Oscar Contreras ('19) Scouting ProfileCGL00026008.100218210.000.48
7Knicko Billings ('19) Scouting ProfileSOM100030017.200520500.000.57
8Kyle Yeoward ('19) Scouting ProfileDOUG440051018.0311125610.390.94
9Anthony Tomczak ('19) Scouting ProfileNBP301030013.011324400.540.54
10Shane Holley ('21) Scouting ProfileSP110031011.2511012210.601.03
11Isaiah Hood ('19) Scouting ProfileSTA430040017.252633610.790.68
12Asdin Santiago ('20) Scouting ProfileNOVA320030017.1221227300.810.87
13Andrew Painter ('21) Scouting ProfileCCA320031016.122822320.860.67
14Nate Thomas ('20) Scouting ProfileSTA311030015.142213800.910.65
15Stephen Schissler ('19) Scouting ProfileFLAN210040015.0621219710.931.27
16Maverick Medina ('20) Scouting ProfilePPC220030014.2221415310.951.16
17Kyler Johns ('20) Scouting ProfileFTL211031014.172117410.981.05
18Carlos Estrella ('19) Scouting ProfileNE431041114.062628511.000.79
19Alex Christmas ('21) Scouting ProfileCS331051119.0731615031.110.84
20James Wilson ('20) Scouting ProfileNOVA320030012.122618321.140.73
21Ulises Rodriguez ('20) Scouting ProfileMCAR011030012.132920621.141.22
22Irving Carter ('21) Scouting ProfileCCA330040018.0431027911.171.06
23Dusty Snyder ('20) Scouting ProfileNBP330040016.233917201.260.66
24Matthew Burns ('21) Scouting ProfileWBR110140011.022718701.271.27
25Devin Futrell ('21) Scouting ProfileAH220030011.032513501.270.91
26Chase Cone ('19) Scouting ProfileCCA210251016.0531122311.310.88
27Ryan Cabarcas ('19) Scouting ProfileAH311140015.033518201.400.47
28Gavin Smith ('20) Scouting ProfileAH230040010.022614811.401.40
29Timmy Manning ('20) Scouting ProfileCGC431041123.1651737731.501.03
30Anson Graumann ('21) Scouting ProfileDIL330032014.073929511.501.00
31Xavier Medina ('20) Scouting ProfileCB20013009.03239631.561.00
32Justin Diaz ('19) Scouting ProfileTARA320042121.01051429301.670.81
33Matthew McCrory ('20) Scouting ProfilePB001030016.22141217501.681.02
34Matt Lopez ('19) Scouting ProfilePC302030016.044109621.751.00
35Logan Rose ('20) Scouting ProfileNE110030012.063812131.750.75
36Brendan Fogel ('21) Scouting ProfileSP321030016.0941620521.751.31
37Jeffery Cohick ('19) Scouting ProfileSP101140016.09415191241.751.69
38Keanu Buerosse ('19) Scouting ProfileCGC421042220.0751318811.751.05
39Trace Thelwell ('21) Scouting ProfileCGL320041112.053916501.751.17
40Blake Purnell ('20) Scouting ProfileSTA220040011.233414631.800.86
41Blake Thomas ('19) Scouting ProfilePB020040015.174915201.830.72
42Jacob Tarbet ('20) Scouting ProfileCGL421041018.0851716501.941.22
43Tyler Nejaime ('19) Scouting ProfileCB411041021.06619171032.001.38
44Cosi Scinta ('19) Scouting ProfileTARA421040017.1558261332.021.21
45Miguel Rosado ('20) Scouting ProfileCM422040017.19512201312.021.44
46Zac Schultz ('20) Scouting ProfileNBP101060010.133411612.030.97
47Chris Kahler ('20) Scouting ProfileCSC300140013.1841018732.101.28
48Kevin Iler ('19) Scouting ProfileMCAR310030013.074617732.151.00
49Greg Martinez ('19) Scouting ProfileABM312140018.2761421732.251.13
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