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Calvary Christian Academy Spring 2021 Varsity Batting Stats Leaders

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Head Coach: Gil Morales
Team Colors: Blue, Gold, White
Team Mascot: Eagles
District: 3A District 13
Home Field: View on Map
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Only showing pitchers with at least 18 IP's for ERA and WHIP categories.
Only showing batters with at least 25 AB's for BA and OBP categories.
Team BA Leaders
Alex Ulloa.482
Jonathan Lane.441
Erik Blair.360
Kyle Tako.351
Rene Lastres.311
Team OBP Leaders
Alex Ulloa.552
Jonathan Lane.487
Rene Lastres.483
Erik Blair.448
Brandon Delapenha.444
Team RBI Leaders
Alex Ulloa20
Kyle Tako18
Jonathan Lane17
Rene Lastres15
Erik Blair6
Jonathan Lane6818301771201210616.441.486.662
Christopher Romero42119621001101126.214.400.310
Andrew Painter00000000000000.000.000.000
Sebastian Palacios13000000000001.000.000.000
Brandon Delapenha491514600000302127.286.444.286
Irving Carter00000000000000.000.000.000
Abe Rozenblum267841100010248.308.438.423
Jonathan Xuereb111000000000101.0001.0001.000
Kyle Tako578201842110001718.351.424.544
Tugg Hollandsworth1772320000000215.118.211.235
Nick Cafaro273861000010047.296.387.333
Angel Martinez00000000000000.000.000.000
Manny Ramariz213510000001368.238.467.238
Ty Hollandsworth3887320000002725.184.340.237
Erik Blair258961010002135.360.448.520
Zach Oquist00000000000000.000.000.000
A.J. Perry01000000000010.0001.000.000
Logan Ethridge61020000010125.000.333.000
Enrique Raldris11010000000100.000.500.000
Nick Anello21100000000000.500.500.500
Sean Ambrose371595101000121119.243.440.351
Alex Ulloa5623272051610114613.482.552.929
Rene Lastres45121415107000011413.311.483.800
Noah Diehl00000000000000.000.000.000
Alejandro Vasquez21110000000010.500.667.500
Team Totals52114716511427618221062199166.317.443.495
Jonathan Lane02002005.0326750002.802.20
Christopher Romero0000000.0000000000.000.00
Andrew Painter8610113147.0721893152000.300.70
Sebastian Palacios0000000.0000000000.000.00
Brandon Delapenha0000000.0000000000.000.00
Irving Carter8520101048.214133081165011.870.95
Abe Rozenblum0000000.0000000000.000.00
Jonathan Xuereb010180016.050112020000.000.81
Kyle Tako0000000.0000000000.000.00
Tugg Hollandsworth0000000.0000000000.000.00
Nick Cafaro0000000.0000000000.000.00
Angel Martinez0000000.0000000000.000.00
Manny Ramariz0000000.0000000000.000.00
Ty Hollandsworth0000000.0000000000.000.00
Erik Blair431070023.012102126183013.041.70
Zach Oquist0000100.0000001000.000.00
A.J. Perry0000100.21120200010.506.00
Logan Ethridge10003005.0536542004.202.00
Enrique Raldris0000000.0000000000.000.00
Nick Anello410070011.288721183014.802.14
Sean Ambrose0000000.0000000000.000.00
Alex Ulloa0000000.0000000000.000.00
Rene Lastres0000000.0000000000.000.00
Noah Diehl00002005.0222322002.800.80
Alejandro Vasquez0000000.0000000000.000.00
Team Totals2518415241162.057411032568218031.771.14
Team ERA Leaders
Andrew Painter0.30
Irving Carter1.87
Erik Blair3.04
Team WHIP Leaders
Andrew Painter0.70
Irving Carter0.95
Erik Blair1.70
Team Strikeout Leaders
Andrew Painter93
Irving Carter81
Erik Blair26
Team Wins Leaders
Andrew Painter6
Irving Carter5
Erik Blair3
Team CG Leaders
Andrew Painter3
Irving Carter1
Team Saves Leaders
Jonathan Xuereb1
Jonathan Lane20212.95700.0000
Christopher Romero25413.96700.0000
Andrew Painter10001.00000.0000
Sebastian Palacios0000.00000.0000
Brandon Delapenha162001.00000.0000
Irving Carter6120.77800.0000
Abe Rozenblum9021.81800.0000
Jonathan Xuereb30001.00000.0000
Kyle Tako10110.91700.0000
Tugg Hollandsworth21001.00000.0000
Nick Cafaro670001.00000.0000
Angel Martinez0000.00000.0000
Manny Ramariz0000.00000.0000
Ty Hollandsworth161001.00000.0000
Erik Blair50001.00000.0000
Zach Oquist0010.00000.0000
A.J. Perry0000.00000.0000
Logan Ethridge4010.80000.0000
Enrique Raldris20011.00000.0000
Nick Anello0000.00000.0000
Sean Ambrose23321.92900.0000
Alex Ulloa33241.89700.0000
Rene Lastres14931021.00000.0000
Noah Diehl0000.00000.0000
Alejandro Vasquez2010.66700.0000
Team Totals393481611.96500.0000
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