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Pine Crest Panthers Spring 2021 Varsity Batting Stats Leaders

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Head Coach: Brett Scarberry
Team Colors: Green, White
Team Mascot: Panthers
District: 3A District 13
Home Field: View on Map
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Only showing pitchers with at least 18 IP's for ERA and WHIP categories.
Only showing batters with at least 25 AB's for BA and OBP categories.
Team BA Leaders
Josh Lopez.418
Jackson Butler.407
Nate Correa.326
Michael Harrigan.280
Jake Kone.258
Team OBP Leaders
Josh Lopez.515
Jackson Butler.508
Nate Correa.446
Jake Kone.395
Michael Harrigan.379
Team Runs Leaders
Jackson Butler13
Josh Lopez12
Ian Hurt11
Nate Correa7
Jake Kone6
Team HR Leaders
Josh Lopez2
Jackson Butler2
Team 3B Leaders
Ian Hurt1
Jackson Butler1
Michael Harrigan253741000101138.280.379.320
Jake Kone3168110000122511.258.395.290
Josh Lopez55122312502101311113.418.515.618
Rian Greenberg216221000011037.095.208.143
Ian Hurt521113211000221812.250.361.308
Nate Correa4671570000010649.326.446.326
Antonio Correa3238740000001412.250.351.375
Jordan Fiedel4014100000004110.100.200.100
Jack Gabrielle01000000000000.000.000.000
Jackson Butler541322117120011569.407.508.685
Max Karmin40100000010102.250.400.250
Charlie Del Vecchio59213720000432216.220.270.254
Mason Koczwara10000000000000.000.000.000
Nathan Malkin00000000000000.000.000.000
Jake Karmin144411000000217.286.412.357
Stephen Tate232221000001036.087.192.130
Daniel Marsh50000000000100.000.167.000
Nate Sorrentino60100000000051.167.545.167
Taiyo Weber00000000000000.000.000.000
Jayden Freedman00000000000000.000.000.000
Josh Kelsky00000000000000.000.000.000
Alex Schnurman61101000000011.167.286.333
Jake Del Vecchio00000000000000.000.000.000
Team Totals474721245725241112142757124.262.372.348
Michael Harrigan0000100.0000010010.000.00
Jake Kone0000000.0000000000.000.00
Josh Lopez0000000.0000000000.000.00
Rian Greenberg0000000.0000000000.000.00
Ian Hurt0000000.0000000000.000.00
Nate Correa0000000.0000000000.000.00
Antonio Correa613060020.224172223125005.761.65
Jordan Fiedel0000000.0000000000.000.00
Jack Gabrielle404070017.1271728876206.872.02
Jackson Butler0000000.0000000000.000.00
Max Karmin0000000.0000000000.000.00
Charlie Del Vecchio0000000.0000000000.000.00
Mason Koczwara0000000.0000000000.000.00
Nathan Malkin3130110022.034162319242005.092.14
Jake Karmin0000000.0000000000.000.00
Stephen Tate2032100022.227122220202033.711.85
Daniel Marsh1010100.155300200105.009.00
Nate Sorrentino00001001.04440110028.005.00
Taiyo Weber302090015.227202712148248.942.62
Jayden Freedman00004003.2432341005.731.64
Josh Kelsky001080013.11410177134015.252.25
Alex Schnurman0000000.0000000000.000.00
Jake Del Vecchio00002002.17751320021.003.43
Team Totals1921726000119.0173111153939933496.532.12
Team ERA Leaders
Stephen Tate3.71
Nathan Malkin5.09
Antonio Correa5.76
Team WHIP Leaders
Antonio Correa1.65
Stephen Tate1.85
Nathan Malkin2.14
Team Strikeout Leaders
Antonio Correa23
Stephen Tate20
Nathan Malkin19
Team Wins Leaders
Antonio Correa1
Nathan Malkin1
Team CG Leaders
No CG leaders available.
Team Saves Leaders
Stephen Tate2
Michael Harrigan9110.90900.0000
Jake Kone50001.00000.0000
Josh Lopez7010.87500.0000
Rian Greenberg5740.75000.0000
Ian Hurt19121.90900.0000
Nate Correa161020.92900.0000
Antonio Correa73001.00000.0000
Jordan Fiedel7960.72700.0000
Jack Gabrielle2110.75000.0000
Jackson Butler17310.95200.0000
Max Karmin0000.00000.0000
Charlie Del Vecchio393001.00000.0000
Mason Koczwara41001.00000.0000
Nathan Malkin0000.00000.0000
Jake Karmin0000.00000.0000
Stephen Tate3030.50000.0000
Daniel Marsh0000.00000.0000
Nate Sorrentino50001.00000.0000
Taiyo Weber1110.66700.0000
Jayden Freedman0000.00000.0000
Josh Kelsky0000.00000.0000
Alex Schnurman0000.00000.0000
Team Totals14640221.89400.0000
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