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What’s New At HSBN In 2017? A Whole Lot

For players, the high school baseball off-season is all about improving their strength and honing their skills. For coaches, the off-season is about developing new programs for their teams in the upcoming season. For HSBN, the off-season represents a little of both.

While coaches and players spent their off-season dealing with a summer and fall season, HSBN has upgraded their websites, added four new sites, and developed some groundbreaking programs to further advance exposure for players and prgrams in 2017. Here is a look at what is new!

First, let’s start with the development of four new sites,,,, and With these four new sites added to HSBN’s six existing websites, we now have every high school team in the state of Florida covered.

Not only did HSBN create these four new sites, but our expert developer has connected all HSBN sites via the HSBN tab on the top of any region homepage. Simply roll over the HSBN tab, and fans can go from site to site, checking out what is going on in high school baseball throughout the state.

Another aspect of connecting the sites is HSBN now has Stat Leaders and Power Rankings that will span the entire state, creating real batting champion and other state champions in each stat. Here is a link to the batting stat and pitching stat leaders for the state for the 2016 season.

2017 HSBN State Batting Stat Leaders
2017 HSBN State Pitching Stat Leaders

Looking for a particular team in the state, we have you covered as well. Click on the Florida Teams Map on the top of your county homepage, and then click a region, and all the teams are listed in alphabetical order!

2017 HSBN State Map

So, that is what is happening throughout the state, but, HSBN did not stop there. Your favorite teams homepage was upgraded as well. The team’s homepage now includes team batting and pitching leaders. Here is an example of each from the Flanagan Falcons 2016 season:

2016 Flanagan Batting Leaders
2016 Flanagan Pitching Leaders

The final two innovations by HSBN for the 2017 year, will make an already premiere event much better, and give players an alternative to traditional summer baseball.

The first creation is a full schedule of All-Star Weekend activities June 9th-11th. Like last year here in Broward and Miami, the Private and Public Senior All-Stars will square off in two games, on Saturday, June 10th, with a battle of the two counties’ best seniors on display. This year, however, HSBN is taking All-Star Weekend further.

Friday, June 9th of All-Star Weekend will have a Class of 2018 (Juniors) Futures Stars Showdown game Broward vs. Miami. Sunday, June 11th will bring Futures Stars Showdown games for the Class of 2019 (Sophomores), and 2020 (Freshman), Broward vs. Miami. These games will not be all-star games, but each will represent the best talent in Broward and Miami for the upcoming seasons.

The other creation from HSBN comes in the form of a summer South Florida College Tour. Players will have the opportunity to compete each Sunday for eight weeks at eight different colleges here in South Florida. The program is a must for aspiring players who want to stay close to home this summer while still having the opportunity to be seen by college coaches. Here are the details for this amazing new program.

2017 South Florida College Tour

Back again in 2017 is the second annual HSBN Media Day. The two weekends are already set, and we encourage fans to come out and see what all their favorite teams will look like in the upcoming season. Here are links to the two weekends, with a schedule of when all teams will be participating!

2017 HSBN Media Day

So, as you can see it has been a busy off-season for HSBN. We are excited for another exciting season, and we will be there every step of the way with you, delivering the best coverage of high school baseball in the entire country!

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