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South Broward Bulldogs Spring 2017 Varsity Batting Stats Leaders

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Head Coach: Charlie Cardinale
Team Colors: Red, Gold
Team Mascot: Bulldogs
District: 7A District 15
Home Field: View on Map
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Only showing pitchers with at least 20 IP's for ERA and WHIP categories.
Only showing batters with at least 40 AB's for BA and OBP categories.
Manny Lebon6515211460110230710.323.384.462
Chris Opitz011000000000000.000.000.000
John Hall213100000010020.500.750.500
Antonino Schembari74282426213201252113.324.490.500
Yjordan Maldonado68141814212012161017.265.405.412
Makai Simons611514201000352139.230.382.262
David Brown6901517400305421317.217.345.275
Caleb Harper199552000010187.263.500.368
Max Odze71130000111041.143.455.143
Noah Chang3177101000021028.226.273.258
Joshua Kirouac130441000002213.308.438.385
Salvatore Zaremba73192415300134321817.329.468.370
Braeden Mason62120000021002.167.167.167
Kevin Laguardia571110910002233613.175.288.193
Ryan Nunez58151511300125431110.259.397.310
Pedro Villegas24010000000022.000.500.000
Felipe Lewis13000000000031.000.750.000
Riley Rosario541013174021023109.241.250.426
Eric Brown25000000000032.000.600.000
Team Totals662182173150293899333327124141.261.394.350
Manny Lebon0000000.0000000000.000.00
Chris Opitz0000000.0000000000.000.00
John Hall00003004.0647613017.002.00
Antonino Schembari0000000.0000000000.000.00
Yjordan Maldonado10550129068.046266883149112.681.21
Makai Simons10103005.11614133910318.384.13
David Brown0000000.0000000000.000.00
Caleb Harper11003109.09671063004.671.44
Max Odze0000000.0000000000.000.00
Noah Chang843080029.03124372394045.791.59
Joshua Kirouac0000000.0000000000.000.00
Salvatore Zaremba020190021.1137161263002.301.03
Braeden Mason32103009.011712973015.442.11
Kevin Laguardia20102004.077104100112.252.75
Ryan Nunez211060010.21071611100014.592.44
Pedro Villegas0000000.0000000000.000.00
Felipe Lewis0000000.0000000000.000.00
Riley Rosario00002002.16643600018.004.29
Eric Brown0000000.0000000000.000.00
Team Totals271512151100162.215510819016469261124.651.59
Manny Lebon1638121.81800.0000
Chris Opitz0000.00000.0000
John Hall0000.00000.0000
Antonino Schembari42120.95600.0000
Yjordan Maldonado2016011.00000.0000
Makai Simons1720114.77100.0000
David Brown15212011.000538.15110
Caleb Harper5120.75000.0000
Max Odze200031.00000.0000
Noah Chang52562.90500.0000
Joshua Kirouac15110.941162.1257
Salvatore Zaremba2525113.82000.0000
Braeden Mason0310.75000.0000
Kevin Laguardia16220.90000.0000
Ryan Nunez214064.91000.0000
Pedro Villegas10001.00000.0000
Felipe Lewis10001.00000.0000
Riley Rosario76723.97600.0000
Eric Brown10001.00000.0000
Team Totals4801715622.9216910.14517
Manny Lebon331.000
Chris Opitz441.000
John Hall331.000
Antonino Schembari2325.920
Yjordan Maldonado45.800
Makai Simons771.000
David Brown00.000
Caleb Harper111.000
Max Odze00.000
Noah Chang331.000
Joshua Kirouac00.000
Salvatore Zaremba1315.867
Braeden Mason00.000
Kevin Laguardia00.000
Ryan Nunez89.889
Pedro Villegas00.000
Felipe Lewis00.000
Riley Rosario111.000
Eric Brown00.000
Team Totals7076.921
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