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Flanagan Set To Defend Title In A Revamped 8A-13

Michael Shappell and his West Broward teammates will have their hands full in this tough district.

There is nothing like playing district games.

Those contests are the most competitive, because they have the most riding on their results. Guys give everything they have and push themselves to the limit in order to earn the victory.

“District games are always fun to be a part of,” said West Broward junior Samyr Santos. “It really brings out how good of a team you are, how you fight towards the end. We like to get in those games against those good district opponents. We want to see good pitchers and play in games like that.”

“I’m disappointed we lost two natural rivals in Cypress Bay and Western,” said West Broward manager Sergio Ambros. “We’ve always had close games with both of those teams and we seem like natural rivals since we are located so close by. But we know we have to focus on the teams we do have. Coach Clark has McArthur moving in the right direction, Everglades is always tough and Coach Rodriguez always gives us their best from Miramar. Everybody knows about Flanagan. We cannot take any of these teams lightly.”

McArthur manager Brian Clark agrees that Flanagan manager Ray Evans is a legend in the county, and that the teams in this district present a tremendous challenge.

“If we want to compete with these teams we’ve got to play a perfect ball game,” said Clark. “There are no pushovers. We have to play our district games tough and be ready for the challenge.”

Certainly the Falcons have earned the distinction of being the favorite. They have dominated their district in recent years and return one of the most dangerous lineups in the county.

“We’ve been lucky to play well in our district, and since we’ve been here we’ve done real well of holding our own in the district,” said Falcons Manager Ray Evans. “Most of our group came back and it’s going to be a really good time.”

But no one is taking anything for granted, least of all the Falcons. They understand that each one of these teams is just as hungry and working just as hard in order to win a district championship. They know when push comes to shove anyone can be tested. The ones who don’t give up that extra hit and who scratch across that extra run should be the ones to survive in the end.


2013 Record: 11-8
Manager: Odibe McDowell
Coaching Staff: Jorge Hernandez, Edwin Vargas, Antonio Alfonseca
Key Returners: Jancey Ayala, Edwin Bonilla, Dylan O’Connell, Anthony Galvez, Brandon Del Pozo
Newcomers to watch: Kristian Hernandez, Nico Daster, Kobe Brown, Raul Quesada, Keanu Guzman, Justin Bailey, Juan Gamero, Dominic Desisto, Abel Arzano
Team strengths: Pitching & Defense
Hustle means to move.

This is one of the messages the coaches at Everglades are drilling home with their players. The group is showing the drive and enthusiasm that comes with a strong season like the one the Gators had last year. It is a program that continues to earn new accomplishments each season, and this year’s squad looks to go farther than ever before…[Read More]


2013 Record: 20-6
Manager: Ray Evans
Coaching Staff: Howard Stein, Noel Figueroa, Pete Greenwood, Johnston Hobbs
Key Returners: Ryan Dodge, Gentry Fortuno, Andres Rios, Alex Sarmiento, Chris Rodriguez, David Sarmiento, Eric Rivera, Kharlin Sued, Luis Barranco, Miguel Presno
Newcomers to watch: David Vazquez, Mark Vientos’ Peter Morforis
Team strengths: Pitching, Defense, Speed & Experience

It would be an insult not to acknowledge how talented the Falcons are.

Even with all the success that this program has enjoyed over the years, there is simply a special feeling being around this year’s squad. It is a special group of players, and a squad of talent like no other. For all their talent and ability, there is no bravado rearing its ugly head alongside it. Players are humble, dedicated and just locked in on executing their jobs.

This is not a team that has anything else on their minds other than winning…[Read More]


2013 Record: 6-14-1
Manager: Brian Clark
Coaching Staff: Chris Davis, Chad Rose, Thomas Pardo, Andy Auguste
Key Returners: Alex Schulz, Jorge Alvarez, Daniel Trummert, K’Lani Martinez, Brandon Frantz
Newcomers to watch: Jose Navarro, Jason Alderette, Jack Bermudez
Team strengths: Pitching

The Mustangs have had a lot of talent, but have not won a lot of ball games the last few years. The team is hoping the togetherness and chemistry they have this season will turn that around. They may not be as talented this season, but they believe they will still win more games.

Third-year manager Brian Clark feels as though this year’s squad has the best chemistry of any he’s had so far at the school…[Read More]


2013 Record: 4-15
Manager: Mario Rodriguez
Coaching Staff: Michael Rodriguez
Key Returners: Ed Sanchez, Michael Rodriguez, Adrian Martinez-Alvarez, Alex Rodriguez
Newcomers to watch: Julio Gonzalez
Team strengths: Experience & Team Chemistry

Experience is something that cannot be taught, but can only be learned.

The majority of the guys on the Patriots roster are juniors, and nearly all of them have been playing on the team for the past two seasons. The first year as a group of freshmen the game was too fast for them, but now the guys are really starting to adjust to the game and they are playing well.

Now the Patriots understand the flow of the game…[Read More]

West Broward

2013 Record: 10-11
Manager: Sergio Ambros
Coaching Staff: Luis Penata, Josh Koop, Bill Deerman, Chase Janecki
Key Returners: Samyr Santos, Michael Shappell, Dalton Brockman, Richie Garcia, Codey Williams, Cole Williams
Newcomers to watch: Christian Deerman, Donovan Futrell, Matthew Torres, Troy Foreman, Justin Martinez
Team strengths: Pitching & Team Chemistry

Everything matters.

It’s a simple message, but one that the Bobcats baseball program holds dear. The team takes pride in everything that they do in their lives, and together they all grow into young men of character and confidence.

West Broward embodies their approach and realizes the importance of everything that comprises their lives. Players work hard in the classroom, they focus on family and they participate in many charities in their community…[Read More]

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