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Coral Springs Colts Spring 2017 Varsity Batting Stats Leaders

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Head Coach: Mike Federman
Team Colors: Blue, Green, White
Team Mascot: Colts
District: 9A District 11
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Sports & Orthopedic Center
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Only showing pitchers with at least 20 IP's for ERA and WHIP categories.
Only showing batters with at least 40 AB's for BA and OBP categories.
John Lombardi76102623201000431518.342.468.408
Austin Smith50111510000101121918.300.500.300
Nick Volpe7224321772021018812.444.533.597
Matt LeConte57181818105100071716.316.512.596
Sean Baran84233113510100221215.369.455.452
Max Lazar82412000000111.500.600.750
Alexsi Pogrebnov681118920001114410.265.342.294
Nick Venegas22120000000000.500.500.500
Jaise Obloy02000000000000.000.000.000
Gavin Levy71172417812200001923.338.467.563
Arthur Chouinard11000000000101.000.500.000
Michael Sanford80210000000004.250.250.250
Timmy Gallegos10020001000100.000.333.000
Lucas Costanzo59161910520210001514.322.447.475
Nick Donatucci72172419820111121116.333.430.500
Garrett Drew211000000000000.000.000.000
Julain Henao31000000000001.000.000.000
Logan Taylor00000000000000.000.000.000
Team Totals634166214142408811431031121149.338.459.464
John Lombardi0000000.0000000000.000.00
Austin Smith7251141042.127215138121233.471.49
Nick Volpe0000000.0000000000.000.00
Matt LeConte430050018.0861812100002.331.56
Sean Baran0000000.0000000000.000.00
Max Lazar11821124369.21263811382010.600.66
Alexsi Pogrebnov01105008.0658631014.381.38
Nick Venegas0000000.0000000000.000.00
Jaise Obloy210131010.1119151050006.101.94
Gavin Levy0000000.0000000000.000.00
Arthur Chouinard0000000.0000000000.000.00
Michael Sanford0000000.0000000000.000.00
Timmy Gallegos0000000.0000000000.000.00
Lucas Costanzo0000000.0000000000.000.00
Nick Donatucci000150010.23111731000.661.31
Garrett Drew0000000.0000000000.000.00
Julain Henao0000000.0000000000.000.00
Logan Taylor01002003.2001321000.000.82
Team Totals2416844663162.26748142189436252.071.14
John Lombardi0000.00041.2500
Austin Smith0000.00000.0000
Nick Volpe0000.00000.0000
Matt LeConte0000.00000.0000
Sean Baran0000.00000.0000
Max Lazar0000.00000.0000
Alexsi Pogrebnov0000.00000.0000
Nick Venegas0000.00000.0000
Gavin Levy0000.00000.0000
Arthur Chouinard0000.00000.0000
Michael Sanford0000.00000.0000
Timmy Gallegos0000.00000.0000
Lucas Costanzo0000.00000.0000
Jaise Obloy0000.00000.0000
Nick Donatucci0000.00000.0000
Garrett Drew0000.00000.0000
Julain Henao0000.00000.0000
Logan Taylor0000.00000.0000
Team Totals0000.00041.2500
John Lombardi551.000
Austin Smith441.000
Nick Volpe25.400
Matt LeConte23.667
Sean Baran11111.000
Max Lazar111.000
Alexsi Pogrebnov36.500
Nick Venegas00.000
Jaise Obloy00.000
Gavin Levy910.900
Arthur Chouinard00.000
Michael Sanford00.000
Timmy Gallegos00.000
Lucas Costanzo910.900
Nick Donatucci56.833
Garrett Drew331.000
Julain Henao00.000
Logan Taylor00.000
Team Totals5464.844
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